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Snowmobile Exhaust Cans ,THIS TOPIC IS MAKING NOISE

Aftermarket Snowmobile Cans Aftermarket snowmobile cans have become quite the controversy lately with many reported tickets issued in 2019. Do they hold a place in the future of trail riding? Do you hold a place in the future of trail riding?   The Ontario Law It’s simple, the MTO law states that: 18 (1) No person shall drive […]

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Intrepid Snowmobiler OFSC Speed Limits

Ontario Snowmobile Speed Limit Needs Updating

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Could Renting Snowmobiles be The Future?

Growing up in Parry Sound in the 80’s & 90’s we experienced a hay day of snowmobiling. Most families had a fleet of snowmobiles and we were always guaranteed an abundance of snow and ice. Boy, times have changed, and now I’m wondering if renting snowmobiles could be the future of snowmobiling for many.  Fast […]

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